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Avoiding ‘inner work’

I often encounter 4 types of people who struggle with inner work.
Those who have very little understanding or exposure to ‘inner work’. Those who have been exposed to inner work but didn’t get support to integrate it. Those who haven’t found the inner work practices that resonate with them. And those who believe they have done the ‘inner work’ as if it’s something that ends. If you can relate, I have a beautiful invitation…

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[Poem] All Along

Every moment in this experience of life is an opportunity to discover who we really are. Through each experience we are invited to step back a bit further to discover you cannot ultimately be what you perceive. How many steps back are you willing to take?

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What Is The Ego?

I get a lot of questions and see plenty of confusion about the Ego. Maybe this is your first time reading about the Ego or perhaps you use this term a lot and have a good understanding. Either way, I invite you to see how the definitions provided in this post sit with you on…

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