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[Poem] Come sit by the fire

An open fire holds the symbolic invitation to transform, purify and burn away all that is false. There is a point in everyones experience of life where you feel called to sit by the fire of truth and love and offer it your deepest and most sincere letting go. This poem is an honouring of those moments.

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[Poem] Happiness is for the courageous

Every action we take and every dream or vision we have is an attempt to experience happiness. However, our conditioned notions of what will bring happiness often create the opposite. This short poem explores the true cause of happiness only the heart knows.

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[Poem] The Lover You Are Looking For

This poem is inspired by my first-hand experience of discovering the true source of love and sharing that love with someone else. I feel deep down this is what we all want, however, often times try to find it outside ourselves.

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