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Blog Avoiding ‘inner work’

Let’s face it, it takes ‘work’ to have the life we want…

If you want money – you ‘work’ for it

If you want a beautiful home – you do house’work’.

If you want to be fit and in shape – you ‘work’out.

If you want to make sound decisions – you do your ‘homework’

I could go on but you get the idea. 

To have deep levels of satisfaction, fulfilment, freedom and functionality in life – it takes work

We all know this, even though our inner child avoids ‘work’ like the plague because it’s uncomfortable and takes effort.

But the adult in us all knows the work must be done or life is going to be a dysfunctional, miserable mess.

The most important ‘work’  of all that brings peace, functionality, health and harmony into every aspect of our lives is.

Inner work

Inner work is the work you do on yourself, to:

  • Cultivate higher levels of conscious
  • Be more present
  • Increasing self awareness
  • Resolving triggers and trauma
  • Address additions and distractions 
  • Overcome internal blockages
  • Letting go of all beliefs and ways being that don’t serve you
  • Growing in discernment and wisdom
  • Living free of psychological fear states
  • And more

It’s the definition of self love that lifts your vibration to attract and receive all that your heart desires.


Because inner work is about consciously evolving beyond lower vibrational Ego states that cause all the drama and suffering in our lives, particularly in intimate relationships. 

Now, like any work that is good for us – there’s a tendency to avoid it and put it off – or stop altogether

Mostly this happens because we try to do ‘the inner work’ ALONE.

It can be difficult to find people who are willing to do ‘inner work’ plus there’s plenty of shame and guilt that can prevent you from sharing your process with others.

And when you go it alone, there’s no accountability, so it’s easy to stop when the work gets challenging.  

So what is the result of not doing the ‘inner work’?

Just picture your house if you didn’t clean it for 3 months. 

It’s a sh*t show, right! Dishes everywhere, clothes all stacked up in piles, mould in the bathroom – it’s nasty.

The same goes for ‘inner work’. When we avoided it…  

  • Stress states escalate into overwhelm
  • Mental health goes haywire with anxiety and depression
  • We isolate ourselves from people
  • Relationship triggers get out of control
  • Addictions and distractions increase
  • Health problems and inflammation flare up
  • Our choices and decisions become unclear

All areas of our lives will be affected because you can’t escape yourself. 

I often encounter 4 types of people who struggle with inner work.

  1. Those who have very little understanding or exposure to ‘inner work’ 
  2. Those who have been exposed to inner work but didn’t get the support to integrate it in daily life
  3. Those who haven’t found the inner work practices that resonate with them
  4. And those who believe they have done the ‘inner work’ as if it’s something that ends

The dishes don’t stop coming my friends – but what does stop is our resistance to cleaning them.

Inner work is the same. It doesn’t end. It’s about falling in love with the work. 

This is when greater levels of peace, joy, love and wisdom naturally flow into your life. 

If you would like…

  • To learn more about ‘inner work’ practice 
  • Freshen up your inner work toolkit, and
  • Journey with like-heartedpeople who are doing this work TOGETHER!

Get Self Intelligence Community Info Pack to get started AND get a FREE guided Self Recognition Practice to start your ‘inner work’ journey today. 

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Can't wait to get started! Start today with a FREE guided
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Can't wait to get started! Start today with a FREE guided Self Recognition Practice and discover who you are today.