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Blog This fails every time!

Let’s face it, ‘spiritual concepts’ FAIL to help when something happens that is unpleasant, difficult, uncomfortable, painful or not what you want or expect to happen.

Rather than spiritual concepts coming in for the rescue, what actually happens in everyday life is this… can you relate… 😉

Spiritual Concept: I am awareness 
Reality: Taking life personally

Spiritual Concept: I am the witness 
Reality: Not willing to listen

Spiritual Concept: I am presence 
Reality: Possessed by thoughts of past and future

Spiritual Concept: I am the Divine 
Reality: In the grip of toxic emotions

Spiritual Concept: I am the Soul
Reality: Feeling lost and directionless 

Spiritual Concept: I am great spirit
Reality: Struggling with distractions and addictions 

Spiritual Concept: I am nothingness
Reality: Not feeling I am enough 

Spiritual Concept: I am the limitless 
Reality: Holding back my expression 

Spiritual Concept: I am the great mystery 
Reality: Defending what I believe I know 

Spiritual Concept: I am oneness 
Reality: Feeling disconnected in my relationships 

Spiritual Concept: I am the observer 
Reality: Refusing to drop my mask 

Spiritual Concept: I am pure innocence 
Reality: Terrified to be radical honesty 

Spiritual Concept: I am life itself 
Reality: Believing I have a life

Spiritual Concept: I am Christ consciousness
Reality: Getting triggered by the mundane 

Spiritual Concept: I am all of creation 
Reality: Caring about what other people think

Spiritual Concept:: I am existence 
Reality: Living through a personal narrative 

Spiritual Concept: I am unconditional love 
Reality: Fighting for my victim story 

Spiritual Concept: I am consciousness 
Reality: Afraid to be alone

Spiritual Concept: I am pure light 
Reality: Unwilling to face my shadow 

Spiritual Concept: I am the infinite 
Reality: Entangled in limiting belief systems 

Spiritual Concept: I am the zero point 
Reality: Trying my best to get ahead of the game

Spiritual Concept:: I am beingness 
Reality: Fatigued by attachment and control

Spiritual Concept: I am creation
Reality: Unwilling to give and receive 

Spiritual Concept: I am pure energy
Reality: Trapped in unresolved trauma

Spiritual Concept: I am nature 
Reality: Unwilling to trust and let go

Spiritual Concept: I am pure reflection 
Reality: Rejecting reality with judgement 

Spiritual Concept: I am god 
Reality: Living in a comfortable nightmare

When life gets hard or things aren’t going our way, it’s like spiritual amnesia kicks in. At this point concepts are vomit. They don’t help. 

Skills and habits on the other hand become embodied and automatic. They stay with you for life and only strengthen when ‘life school’ urges you to grow through challenging times. 

If that’s what you actually want. If you’re fed up with fluffy concepts that fail to help you when life gets hard – then I invite you do discover my 12 Week Self Intelligence Course.

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Can't wait to get started! Start today with a FREE guided Self Recognition Practice and discover who you are today.