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Can you see what’s really happening?

For many of us, it is obvious humanity is moving through a transitional phase in consciousness.  And what does the ‘non-fluff’ version of that mean…? What this means is a shift in identity.  Human beings across the globe are stuck in the habit of believing we are a separate entity we commonly call ‘a person’…

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[Poem] The Lover You Are Looking For

This poem is inspired by my first-hand experience of discovering the true source of love and sharing that love with someone else. I feel deep down this is what we all want, however, often times try to find it outside ourselves.

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Are you okay?

Behind everything we want is the longing to feel okay and at ease in ourselves.  The question is, how often in the day do you truly feel okay? Here are some examples of what you may have noticed robs you of feeling okay in the world right now. I’m not okay that my partner… (fill…

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