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Blog Are you okay?

Behind everything we want is the longing to feel okay and at ease in ourselves. 

The question is, how often in the day do you truly feel okay?

Here are some examples of what you may have noticed robs you of feeling okay in the world right now.

  • I’m not okay that my partner… (fill the blank)
  • I’m not okay how much I (or my kids) spend time on technology 
  • I’m not okay without how I look
  • I’m not okay with many aspects of my job
  • I’m not okay with my divorce or break-up
  • I’m not okay with being single
  • I’m not okay with the damage happening to our environment
  • I’m not okay with the way the government is dealing with… (fill in the blank)

You get the idea. Take a moment to reflect on your own.

Many things we are not okay with sit under the radar of our awareness causing a low level of anxiety and frustration, while other situations trigger stress, depression or states of overwhelm

Alarming side note: Stress is thought to be the leading cause of death on the planet accounting for over 70% of all deaths worldwide (World Health Organisation, 2020).

So let’s just say that not being okay is a SERIOUS ISSUE!

And the reasons to not feel okay are SKYROCKETING!

We are not taught at school how to deal with not being okay. The result is a society that feeds on REACTIONS.

We react hoping our reaction alone will change things so that we can feel okay again. 

Have you noticed that when you get triggered by something, there is a tendency to… 

  • Contract
  • Blame
  • Withdraw
  • Control
  • Get defensive
  • Procrastinate
  • Get frustrated
  • Busy yourself with distractions
  • Reach for addictions
  • Feel guilty and ashamed 
  • Deny reality
  • Self-sabotage

Just to name a few reactions.

Notice how these reactions push you further away from feeling okay.

Can you see the downward spiral?

What most people do is HOPE things will change (denial) or TRY to fix it from a place of fear (control) which only creates and attracts more of what you don’t want in your life.

I call this ‘problem consciousness’.

The things you are not okay with are turned into problems and behind all problems is fear and fear will only create more problemsGUARANTEED!

There is another way, rarely anyone talks or knows about. 

There is a place in you that no matter what happens – is okay, and doesn’t have a problem – period

The place I am talking about is – YOU.

But not who you believe yourself to be.

Not your name, roles, thoughts, beliefs, stories or memory. 

The YOU that is BEYOND…the voice in your head, your conditioning, your bodymind – BEYOND THE EGO

If you want a direct, experiential encounter with the problemless realm of unshakable ease within yourself, come join me LIVE for the Wake Up Experience.

It is FREE (for now). So there is no risk for you to discover this amazing gift. 

Does that sound okay? 😉


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Can't wait to get started! Start today with a FREE guided Self Recognition Practice and discover who you are today.