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Blog Is Death In Your Imagination?

Ponder this question for a moment and really let it sink in before reading on…

This opens a very controversial conversation. Let’s first start by understanding the subject in very simple terms. This doesn’t need to be complicated.   

The question is asking something about YOU. Are YOU subject to birth or death?

This is a deep enquiry into the most common word we will ever use – ” I “.

So to answer the question, ‘Is birth and death only in your imagination?’, requires deep investigation into who ‘I’ is – the ‘I’ that was born and will later die… 

Who is this ‘I’ that ‘I’ am’? 

Without deep investigation, we assume many things about ourselves.  

Assumption is the keyword here.

For example, a toddler doesn’t have any awareness they have a mind. They don’t use terms like ‘I think’ because it’s meaningless to them. It takes some years before a child discovers they have a mind and yet the mind was there the whole time (this is important, it was there but not yet aware of). 

Early on you are given a name. Once we identify with a name, the name acts like a basket to put everything about you in. Your name acts like a storage unit full of memories. 

As we get older the identity goes to the mind. I am the mind. I am the voice in my head narrating everything.


As the years go on, more and more conditioning takes place. The ‘I am’ is extended 
• I am Australian 
• I am a city person
• I am Christian 
• I am smart, sporty, creative so on and so on

The ‘I’ is filling itself with things or better still, 𝗔𝗗𝗗𝗜𝗡𝗚 things to itself.

This is the process of i-dentification.

What is often overlooked is that all of these ‘things’ that are identified with change and end, which is to say, Die.

People change their names, their roles, the body is constantly changing, beliefs and perceptions are changing.

Everything identified as YOU goes away except one thing – the ‘I’ behind it all as a witness to everything that is happening. This ever-present ‘I’ behind everything never changes, it is the one constant.  

The purpose of the question is to uncover the ‘I’ behind it all. The ‘I’ that was there before you had a name and before you created a sense of self out of bodymind qualities, memory and family/societal conditioning. 

The ‘I’ behind everything is pure experiential awareness.  ‘Awareness’ is given the name ‘I’ in our language but in reality, awareness has no name because it’s not an object. 

It’s getting deep, I know, stay with me…

Like a toddler, who was not aware of their mind, most people are not aware they are the unchanging ‘I’ behind everything.

The perception that ‘I am the body and mind’ binds the ‘I’ to time. With attachment to the body, the ‘I’ is born and later dies with the body. From the perspective of bodymind identity alone, this is true or should I say – relatively true

However, when you consider the reality that YOU as awareness are beyond the bodymind as the unchanging ‘I’, a deeper reality of life and death emerges. 

This is KEEEEEYYYYYY. Really take your time with what you are about to read.

If it’s true that you are the unchanging ‘I’ that is the awareness behind all things, you ‘as awareness’ can only speak on behalf of your experience as awareness and not as a time bound body (read that again if you need to).

And don’t confuse ‘experience’ with the limited ‘interpretations’ of your senses. Interpretation is limited to the mind. Awareness is pure experience. You are beyond interpretations of the mind, proven by the fact that you are aware of interpretations.  

From the perspective of awareness, you weren’t born. Why, because as ‘awareness’ you have only ever experienced being ‘here’. There is no before life in your actual experience as awareness. 

Furthermore, you don’t die because there is no ‘awareness’ of death. Death is an idea being projected from the perspective of being a body. I’m not saying the body won’t die – it will. I’m saying, you, as awareness, don’t know anything about death – death is a concept.

You are only every here, aware, present.

You, as awareness, will not die. It’s impossible. The only possibility of death is by creating or imagining it in your mind. And what you create in your mind is not TRUE, REAL OR RELIABLE because what you have imagined about death so far has changed countless times already.

These are the questions that naturally arise when you develop experiential Self Intelligence, which is the practical pathway to love, peace, joy and freedom

All this may sound interesting or even inspiring but it won’t help unit you ‘experience’ it.

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Can't wait to get started! Start today with a FREE guided Self Recognition Practice and discover who you are today.