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What Is The Ego?

February 2, 2022

I get a lot of questions and see plenty of confusion about the Ego. Maybe this is your first time reading about the Ego or perhaps you use this term a lot and have a good understanding. Either way, I invite you to see how the definitions provided in this post sit with you on…

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This fails every time!

July 15, 2022

Let’s face it, ‘spiritual concepts’ FAIL to help when something happens that is unpleasant, difficult, uncomfortable, painful or not what you want or expect to happen.

Rather than spiritual concepts coming in for the rescue, what actually happens in everyday life is this… can you relate… 😉

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[Poem] Happiness is for the courageous

September 6, 2022

Every action we take and every dream or vision we have is an attempt to experience happiness. However, our conditioned notions of what will bring happiness often create the opposite. This short poem explores the true cause of happiness only the heart knows.

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[Poem] All Along

September 13, 2022

Every moment in this experience of life is an opportunity to discover who we really are. Through each experience we are invited to step back a bit further to discover you cannot ultimately be what you perceive. How many steps back are you willing to take?

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[Poem] Come sit by the fire

October 27, 2022

An open fire holds the symbolic invitation to transform, purify and burn away all that is false. There is a point in everyones experience of life where you feel called to sit by the fire of truth and love and offer it your deepest and most sincere letting go. This poem is an honouring of those moments.

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This could have turned nasty  

December 1, 2022

Kate is pregnant for the first time, and as you may be aware, entering into parenthood can be terrifying for so many reasons. And more often than not, the ‘fear’ that lies under the radar, manifests in seemingly trivial situations that over time snowball into bigger and bigger problems, particularly in intimate relationships. Let’s see if you can relate to this situation…?

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Can't wait to get started! Start today with a FREE guided Self Recognition Practice and discover who you are today.