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Blog Why smudging won’t clean up your shit

Language warning: This post is covered in shit (the word I mean). 

Hi, my name is Chris Knight and I’m full of shit! 

Admitting it is the first step. What a relief. Now I can go about cleaning that shit up – and thankfully I know HOW and its not by waving smudging sticks around hoping to cover up the smell.

Let’s first clarify what shit I’m speaking about… I’m talking about the shit that results from identification with the mind, thoughts, beliefs and perceptions. Collectively this is called Ego. Ego is the false version of you created from ‘droppings’ of the past that are being ‘splattered’ in the present and ‘flung’ into the future without question. The Ego projections are simply NOT TRUE but when they are believed to be true, you get a recipe for BULLSHIT

Most people are simply not aware of this, we are living in a societal shit-show called Shitville where its completely normal and expected that everyone is full of shit. You and I were born here – it’s o.k., it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

If you’re thinking, ‘well I’m not full of shit, maybe other people are’. You my friend have some waking up to do, and that’s o.k – I’m waking up to my shit everyday. 

The day you admit how full of shit you are is the day you are least full of shit.

Plus being full of shit is not your fault. It’s no one’s fault. It’s not ‘conscious’. Lying is a survival mechanism. We learn it very early on in childhood. We learn how to lie to be loved. You were born in shitville with NO shit on you. Then you got all sorts of shit thrown at you, so you started throwing shit back. Then eventually you forgot what you smelt like without shit all over you. 

And all this to fit in, belong and feel loved – it’s innocent really….


It’s not natural to you. It’s not who you are. It doesn’t resonate with your heart. It doesn’t resonate with joy, freedom or peace. 

So what to do…?

I have many internal cleaning devices at my disposal for cleaning up shit and one of those is the art and skill of RADICAL HONESTY. Radical honesty is a SKILL that requires a safe environment to develop it. It’s one of my favourite subjects.

There is something so frightening about it and at the same time so deeply reliable. If you’re into self discovery and willing to rest in the ‘naturalness’ of who you are, then radical honesty is paramount – PARAMOUNT! 

It’s strange we have the adjective ‘radical’ to back up ‘honesty’. Isn’t the word ‘honest’ already sufficient?

Actually no, in our society it’s not. 

Why, because in our world the simplicity of honesty is blurred in social norms, assumptions, expectations and judgement. In many cases, lying is considered ‘honest’ communication, particularly if it protects someone’s feelings. The attempt to protect someone’s feelings by lying is a beautifully crafted extra smelly piece of shit – this is shit on shit. 

O.k why the need for ‘radical’ honesty….? Radical means ‘relating to or affecting the fundamental nature of something’. (Definitions from Oxford dictionary). 

I’ll summarise this for you real quick. What that is saying is…

To be ‘radically’ honest is to be honest BEYOND the bullshit game being played to be loved, accepted and wanted.

At the ‘fundamental level’ (which means at the core) we just want to be loved, accepted and wanted. And the Ego inside each of us will do just about anything to be loved and accepted. It will lie, cheat, steal, rape and pillage for it. It will do anything not to be left out in the cold, rejected and abandoned – for the EGO the possibility of loneliness is simply unbearable.

Radical honesty is to swap out the core need to be loved, accepted and wanted by OTHERS and replacing it with the truth in your heart. This is to put YOU at the core of your life and let the chips fall where they may. With radical honesty those chips fall in all the right places – in the long run (and the short run too).  

That might sound easy enough but I tell you what, it’s an art that requires COURAGE. The art is in knowing exactly how the Ego stops radical honesty in its tracks.

Here are just some bullshit things the gatekeepers of the Ego will say to STOP you approaching radical honesty:

  • It’s not worth the trouble, look what you could lose
  • What’s the point? It’s just going to create drama
  • It’s not going to make a difference or change anything
  • Your not guaranteed to benefit so why bother
  • You don’t know the next step so wait until you do 
  • You’ve told the truth before and how did that work out 
  • You’re a bad person 
  • Don’t be so selfish 
  • You’re needs, wants and desires are pathetic 
  • Can’t you just be happy 
  • People can’t handle the truth

It goes on and on complicating the most simple gestures of radical honesty. And I guarantee you these thoughts, experienced as ‘feelings’ will absolutely stop you from going a whisper further into radical honesty. 

And there you are again, a slave to needing to be loved and approved of by others, like a child dressed as an adult, feeling ashamed, worthless and powerless.  

Radical honesty is an initiation into living beyond the Ego state and there are specific skills and experiences of Self Intelligence to support this transition in a safe way. 

Imagine the ease and rest and freedom of being loved for who you really are – no apology, no trying, no mask – just YOU.  

This is a bus ticket out of Shitville and it’s yours for the taking if you’re willing to develop the skills of Self Intelligence to overcome the gatekeeper fears that keep you caged from the simplicity of what your heart knows. 

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Can't wait to get started! Start today with a FREE guided Self Recognition Practice and discover who you are today.